Do you know the requirements for the assembly of various parts of the electric forklift?

by:Jxforklift     2022-09-30
The main use of electric forklifts is the battery, which is the power supply we know. Electric forklifts mainly use DC power. Accessories, the joint action of these accessories enables the forklift to complete the task. Next, the editor will introduce the assembly requirements of electric forklift parts: installers need to carefully do the quality control work in the preparation stage, mainly including the preparation of various equipment and materials, construction technology preparation, understanding of construction quality, construction process, construction Modern equipment preparation and work preparation, etc. The quality of mechanical parts in the assembly process of mechanical equipment directly determines the application quality of the assembly process. Therefore, the designer must reasonably design the performance, quality, shape and size of the mechanical accessories itself, so as to avoid the quality damage of the mechanical accessories due to various factors during the long-term transportation, storage and subsequent installation process. The effect is destroyed. Bolts are an indispensable type of basic accessories in the assembly process of mechanical equipment. Basically, any equipment must be more or less applied to bolts in the actual manufacturing and assembly process. For this reason, assemblers must fully understand and master the assembly process and specific requirements of bolts. During the bolt assembly process, the assembler should take corresponding tightening methods according to the actual requirements of the current mechanical equipment for the bolt assembly accuracy, so as to avoid improper methods that adversely affect the allowable stress during bolt assembly and thus lead to the assembly accuracy of the bolt. destroy. During the use of electric forklifts, it is inevitable that improper operation will lead to the phenomenon of electric forklifts catching fire. So how to prevent electric forklifts from catching fire? It is particularly important to do a good job in the firefighting of electric forklifts. The specific points are as follows: 1. When charging, it must be operated in accordance with the charging rules, and open smoke is prohibited; 2. Matches, lighters and other open flames are not allowed to be used when repairing electric forklifts; 3. , Do not arbitrarily increase the size of the fuse or replace the fuse with other metal wires; 4. Do not use a short-circuit method to conduct a fire test or check the voltage of the battery; Aging and broken skins and weak fixation of wires, such as extrusion and friction; 6. When performing electric welding and gas cutting operations on electric forklifts, the battery should be removed or protected according to the specific situation, and the oil stains at the welding place and the side should be cleaned. , and the necessary fire extinguishers should be available nearby. No matter what product it is, it is possible to catch fire, and electric forklifts are no exception, but we can take protective measures! If the electric forklift catches fire, try to drive the electric forklift to a safe and open place, turn off the motor, disconnect the battery and the main switch of the power supply, and use a dry powder fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. But the premise of doing all this is to ensure personal safety.
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