Do you know the daily maintenance procedures of electric forklifts?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-14
Do you know the routine maintenance procedures of electric forklifts? Electric forklift maintenance steps: 1. Electric forklifts must use the same brand of brake fluid. Do not splash the brake fluid on any painted surface, otherwise the paint will be damaged. When adding brake fluid to electric forklifts, prevent dust and water from mixing into the oil. 2. Leakage inspection: hydraulic oil, electrolyte, brake fluid. Check the hydraulic pipe joints, battery and brake system for oil leakage or fluid leakage, touch them with your hands and visually inspect them. Open flames are strictly prohibited. 3. Check whether the tire's ground contact surface is damaged or not, and whether the tire wear level exceeds the safety warning line. When tires are damaged or worn beyond the safety warning line, they should be replaced in time. 4. Check the proportion of electrolyte with electric forklift. Check whether the wiring of the two terminals is loose or damaged, otherwise it should be adjusted or replaced. 5. Check the brake pedal, try to step on the brake pedal to see if there is sluggishness or jamming in the production reduction, and whether the accelerator/brake is sensitive and effective. Check the brake fluid. Open the cover of the brake fluid cup and check whether the brake fluid volume is within the scale range. If the fluid volume is insufficient, please replenish it.
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