Do you know the daily charging steps for small electric forklifts?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-02
Do you know the daily charging steps for small electric forklifts? If there is a lid or other covering on the battery box of a small electric forklift, it must be removed or opened before charging. Ensure that the combustible gas generated during charging is fully dissipated, and the cover can be closed 30 minutes after the completion of charging. An exhaust fan must be installed in the indoor charging room, and good ventilation must be ensured. The specific operation steps are as follows: 1. Unplug the battery cable and the plug connection of the small electric forklift cable. 2. Open the cover of the battery and measure the density of the electrolyte. If the density of the electrolyte is less than 1.13 kg/liter, the battery has been over-discharged (the depth of discharge exceeds 80%). Users should be reminded to avoid multiple occurrences. And shorten the life of the battery. 3. If conditions permit, measure the temperature of the electrolyte. If it is greater than 55°C, wait for the battery to cool down before proceeding with the following steps. 4. Connect the plug between the battery and the charger cable. Turn on the charging switch of the charger to start charging. Don't stop charging halfway, you must charge until the charger shows enough! 5. After charging the small electric forklift, first turn off the charger's power, and then unplug the battery and charger's cable plug.
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