Do you know how much centimeters the forks of an electric forklift can lift from the ground

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-16
People who use electric vehicles on the road now require helmets, but they don’t need any relevant driver’s licenses. Electric forklifts do not require a driver’s license. Normally, as long as they have received professional training, they can drive the electric forklift stacker for cargo handling and stacking. Work, but we must regulate the operation of electric forklift trucks, because this is an important guarantee for safety, what are the specifications for safe operation of electric forklift trucks? Safe operation of electric forklift trucks, precautions for stackers: 1. Electric type Operators of stacker trucks are not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol, overweight or speeding, and no sudden braking or sharp turns are allowed. It is forbidden for electric forklift trucks to enter places where solvents and flammable gases are stored. 2. The safety devices of the electric stacker must be complete and intact, the components are sensitive and effective, and the technical performance is good. It is strictly forbidden to drive the electric forklift stacker with diseases. Usually, it is necessary to carry out the necessary daily maintenance of the electric stacker, and the various components Carry out a careful inspection. 3. Maintain the standard driving state of the electric forklift stacker. When the fork lifts off the ground, the forks are 10-20 cm away from the ground. When the electric stacker stops, the forks are lowered to the ground level; When working under poor road conditions, the weight should be appropriately reduced, and the driving speed of the electric stacker should be reduced. 4. When the electric forklift stacker is running, if the electric controller is out of control, disconnect the main power supply in time. 5. Special attention should be paid to timely charging and correct maintenance of the battery during the use of the electric stacker. 6. In the operation of electric forklift-stacker, long-distance acceleration should be minimized as much as possible. When the electric stacker starts and accelerates, stabilize the acceleration handle. If the road conditions are good, the electric forklift-stacker will continue to accelerate. When the electric stacker needs to decelerate, release the acceleration handle and press the operating handle to make full use of the deceleration energy. If the electric forklift stacker has a regenerative braking function, the deceleration kinetic energy can be restored. When the forklift power company is going downhill, do not disconnect the drive motor circuit of the forklift electric forklift. Press the operating handle to put the electric stacker in a regenerative braking state, and use the downward movement of the electric forklift stacker to reduce the energy consumption of the battery. 7. During the operation of the electric forklift truck, do not frequently use emergency braking during high-speed driving; otherwise, it will cause huge friction on the brake assembly and driving wheel of the electric forklift truck, shortening the brake assembly and drive. The service life of the wheel may even damage the brake assembly and driving wheel. Both electric stackers and electric forklifts need to pay attention to safety. In addition, when it is not applicable, we need to place the forks at a lower level to prevent the cylinder piston rod from being exposed to the air for a long time and rust; electric forklift stackers The drive wheels and front wheels of the ROM should be ensured that there are no debris entangled; the power supply is turned off. The use of electric forklifts reduces the work pressure of workers in the factory, and at the same time improves work efficiency!
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