Do a good job of forklift safety measures

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-31
In the use of this kind of equipment of the forklift manufacturer, the fork thickness and fork length of the paired two forks should be roughly equal. In order to ensure safety, relevant measures should be taken, and hydraulic safety locks should be installed on the oil circuit of the attachment to ensure the safety and reliability of various operations of the tipping fork, and minimize the possibility of damage to the tipping fork due to failure of the oil circuit or hydraulic components. hazards caused by rack work. Whether it is a sudden strong impact during the operation of the attachment, or an impact caused by road bumps during transportation, the hydraulic safety lock can eliminate the hydraulic impact generated by it, and the pin at the hinge of the mechanism will not be affected by excessive hydraulic impact. And deformation or fracture, to ensure that the cylinder cylinder will not be deformed due to excessive hydraulic shock. There is also a detection oil port on the oil cylinder to facilitate the detection and maintenance of equipment failures. At the hinge of the mechanism, a high-strength brass alloy bushing inlaid with solid lubricant is used. Because of its self-lubricating function, it is not necessary to regularly Add grease to protect the pins from wear.
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