Difficult problems of electric forklift brake discs

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-13
The brake disc is the friction part of the off-road forklift. In addition to having the required compressive strength and bending stiffness as components, they should also have the highest and smoothest possible friction index, as well as moderate wear resistance, temperature resistance and heat rejection. thermal conductivity, etc. Introduce the problems that the brake discs of electric forklifts are very easy to cause: The destruction of the friction linings of the off-road forklift brake system will cause the metal material linings to emit hissing noise due to friction, accompanied by over-temperature conditions. At this time, you should remove and replace the brake pedal friction pads. There is a fixed anchor bolt on the brake caliper. A loose screw will cause the caliper to deflect. At this time, the parts and the brake disc will interact with each other, which will also cause abnormal noise. The bottom pressure plastic hose parts are brittle, damaged, the high pressure hose is loose or the hydraulic seal of this part is damaged. The above standard is due to brake fluid leakage. At this time, everyone has to manipulate the relevant part. Check, tighten connectors or replace rubber hoses, hydraulic seals and other parts. There is a sealing ring on the piston rod of the brake caliper. If the sealing ring is damaged, it will cause the brake fluid to leak. This requires the replacement of the sealing ring and the dust ring.
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