Development of the forklift market

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-04
With the development of the market economy, the status and role of logistics technology in economic development has become more and more obvious, and the penetration rate of forklifts has become higher and higher. It has entered all walks of life in the national economy from a single port terminal in the past. At present, the number of forklifts in my country is about 180,000 units, the actual annual potential demand is about 100,000 units, and the actual annual sales volume is only about 30,000 units. It can be seen that China's forklift market is huge. Now, with the gradual implementation of the Chinese government's policy of stimulating domestic demand and the recovery of the global economy, the Chinese forklift industry is facing a new round of business opportunities. Both foreign brands and local companies are full of expectations. In this context, some representative domestic and foreign forklift companies have analyzed and reported their product and technical advantages, operation and management models, market strategies and development plans, hoping to provide more forklift companies and logistics companies. Equipment companies bring inspiration and help companies find their own winning ways. The forklift company will continue to work hard to develop more forklifts that are more suitable for enterprises to use, reduce the cost of enterprise use, and improve production efficiency.
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