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Composition of off-road hand truck

Composition of off-road hand truck


Ⅰ、Composition of an off-road transporter

The off-road hand truck is a new type of product that widens the body width of a conventional manual hand truck to over 120cm, and is composed of four solid large tires, high-quality overall pump, and high-strength seamless pipes.

Ⅱ、Use cases of outdoor hand truck:

The outdoor hand truck is commonly used in construction sites, gardens, parks, warehouses, and other locations where goods need to be transported on poor road conditions.

Ⅲ、Unique advantages of off-road hand truck:

1、Off-road performance: strong off-road capability to complete hauling tasks in difficult terrain.

2、Super load capacity: able to carry a large amount of goods.   

3、Extremely high stability: ensures safe transportation of goods.

4、Flexibility: high flexibility to complete tasks in complex environments.

5、Durability: long-term usage with high durability.

6、Convenient maintenance: simple design for easy maintenance.

7、Economic benefits: cost-effective to reduce transportation costs.

Ⅳ、Parameters of an off-road transporter

Rated load1200kg
Load center400mm
Max lifting height200mm
min hight70mm
Front wheel diameter450*120mm
Rear wheel diameter250*80mm
Cargo bed length950mm
Cargo and width can be adjusted240-680mm
single fork Width100mm
Fork Thickness60mm
Overall dimension1245*1626*1295mm
Package dimension1050*780*750mm
Net weight210kg

Ⅴ、Product images

6. Company Introduction

Jiangsu Jingxin Hoisting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various material handling equipment, among which the off-road transporter (also known as all-terrain pallet truck) is a new product we have developed. It has large tires and a higher ground clearance, making it suitable for various complex road surfaces. The larger wheelbase allows it to use various pallets and a wide range of product types, providing good cost-effectiveness.

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