Common faults and solutions of all-electric stackers

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-28
The main function of the all-electric stacker is to lift heavy objects to the required height. It is mostly used in warehouses, workshops and other places that require logistics handling. In order to help users better use the stacker, the electric forklift manufacturer will introduce: All-electric stacker Common faults and solutions of high-speed vehicles. 1. The speed of the driving wheel of the stacker is significantly reduced, and the driving motor is seriously overloaded. Reasons: the battery voltage is too low or the contact resistance of the pile head is too large; the carbon deposition between the motor commutator chips causes a short circuit between the chips; improper adjustment of the motor brake causes the motor Operation with brake; lack of lubrication of drive head gearbox and bearings or blockage of base; short circuit of motor armature. Solution: Check the voltage of the battery terminal when the stacker is loaded, clean the pile head; clean the commutator; adjust the brake clearance; add lubricating oil to remove the jamming phenomenon; replace the new motor. 2. The stacker is weak or unable to lift the reason: excessive wear of the gear pump and pump lift; improper high pressure of the relief valve in the reversing valve; oil leakage in the oil pressure pipeline; excessive hydraulic oil temperature; gantry carriage There is a jam phenomenon; the oil pump motor speed is too low. Solution: replace the gear pump; check and repair the reversing valve; replace the new hydraulic oil to check the cause of the oil temperature rise; check the gantry carriage to adjust the jamming problem; check the motor to troubleshoot. 3. It is difficult to automatically tilt the stacker gantry or the action is not smooth enough. Reasons: the wall of the tilting cylinder and the sealing ring are seriously worn; the valve stem spring in the reversing valve is invalid; the piston is stuck on the cylinder wall and the piston rod is bent; there is too much dirt in the tilting cylinder , the seal is too tight. Solution: replace the O-ring or oil cylinder; replace the qualified spring; replace the damaged parts; clean and adjust. 4. The pressure of the oil pump is insufficient or the speed is too slow Reason: the sealing ring in the pump cover groove is damaged, and the internal leakage is too much; the gear is worn; the speed of the oil pump motor is reduced; there is foreign matter in the pipeline. Solution: replace; replace the oil pump; check the commutator, remove the carbon deposits between the sheets, adjust the position of the carbon brushes; check and clean. 5. The electrical appliances of the all-electric stacker are not functioning properly. Reasons: the micro switch in the electrical box is damaged, or the switch position is not adjusted properly; the fuse of the electrical appliance or the main circuit is blown; the battery power is insufficient; the contacts of the contactor are burned Broken, or too much dirt, poor contact; contacts do not move. Solution: replace the micro switch and adjust the position; replace the new fuse; charge the stacker; repair the contact point, adjust or replace the contactor; check whether the contactor coil is open or not, or directly replace the contactor. The above is an introduction to the common faults and solutions of all-electric stackers. If you encounter other problems that cannot be solved during the use of the pusher, please feel free to contact the electric forklift manufacturer and we will provide you with technical support.
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