Common faults and maintenance methods of manual hydraulic vehicles

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-09
Jingxin Company often uses manual hydraulic forklifts in the production process, and the inventory is relatively large, and the utilization rate is high, so the failure rate appears to be relatively high. Combining the daily maintenance and the problems reported by front-line operators, the common failures and maintenance points of manual hydraulic vehicles mainly include the following aspects:    1. Pull arm (manual hydraulic arm) failure. Because the manual hydraulic vehicle needs to use a lot of force and multiple reciprocating movements in the process of pushing, pulling and pumping up (manual hydraulic pressure), there are more failures of the pull arm. The first is the deformation or even the break of the pull arm, generally welding reinforcement is sufficient; the second is the wear of the pin and the shaft hole of the two movable parts associated with the cylinder and the pump core. If the wear gap is too large, the stroke will change when the pump core is compressed. If the car body rises slowly, the shaft hole will penetrate when it is severely worn, and the pull arm will be separated from the car body and cannot be used. Therefore, daily maintenance (lubricating oil) is very important.   2. The steering wheel is malfunctioning. There are two steering wheels under the cylinder. The wheel diameter is relatively large and the wear rate is small. Generally, it is caused by the damage of the bearing and the fall of the wheel circlip, and the maintenance is relatively easy.   Three, hydraulic failure. The main manifestation is that it will not rise or it is difficult to lift the weight, and some will automatically land. The issue in this area is more complicated. Generally, check the hydraulic oil first. The amount of hydraulic oil occupies about two-thirds of the cylinder. If the liquid level is too low or too high, it will affect the lifting. If the problem cannot be solved by adding or releasing hydraulic oil, check the movement of the drain valve. If the top screw of the drain valve is too tight, try to loosen it. If this is not enough, only replace the oil drain valve core or pump core plunger and oil seal. This is relatively professional and the most difficult point in maintenance. The service life is limited. If it is not repaired, only the cylinder can be replaced.   Fourth, the oil drain valve handle is malfunctioning. There is a distance of more than one meter from the handle on the pull arm to the oil drain valve. There are hard and soft connections in the middle. The length of the connection and poor gap adjustment will cause the manual hydraulic truck to fail to lift. In the case of serious problems, it can The method of giving up the handle and finding a different way is to directly replace the top wire of the drain valve with a long bolt, and step on the bolt handle to push the drain valve to achieve the purpose of lowering the manual hydraulic vehicle, which is very convenient and quick.   Five or two fork arms are unbalanced. The two forklift arms must be adjusted at the factory. The reason for the lack of level is that the pin shaft connecting the square link and the fork and the pin shaft connecting the fork and the frame are deformed or worn due to the overload during use. It can be solved by replacing it with a new pin. If the deformation is not serious, you can pull out the pin that connects one wheel fork to the frame, pull out the whole set of wheels away from the fork arm, and turn the right-handed square link to shorten or the left-handed link to make it longer, so that you can adjust The height of the wheels plays the role of making the two wishbones level.   Six or four nylon rollers and matching forks, pins and bearings are faulty. This part bears the most weight and runs the most, so the failure rate is also the highest. Nylon rollers have a large bearing capacity, a small wheel diameter, and wear quickly. Also, due to turning during the pulling process, the outside of the nylon roller wears faster. After a period of time, the wheels should be removed and adjusted to balance the wear and extend the service life. When worn to a certain degree, new nylon rollers need to be replaced. There are more problems with the roller falling off. The reason is that the elastic pin that fixes the roller shaft is worn and broken, just replace it with a new elastic pin. There are two bearings on each nylon roller, and the bearings are worn out and scrapped. Just replace them with new ones. In addition, the deformation of the wheel fork is also common. Long-term heavy pressure and lateral force during turning will make the opening larger, causing the brick plate and the two rollers fixed on it to fall off as a whole. The gas cutting flame can be used to heat both sides of the wheel fork. , After burning red, apply force to correct inward to make the opening size suitable. In short, the nylon roller assembly under the fork arm is under pressure, and there are many moving parts, and most of them are hard friction without bearings. It is particularly important to oil and maintain the moving parts at ordinary times. Increasing lubrication and reducing wear will greatly extend each part. Service life.  Manual hydraulic vehicles have hundreds of components, all of which have the probability of failure. Only by observing more frequently, maintaining diligently, maintaining timely, and working without diseases can it give full play to its role in production and create more benefits. Jingxin carries the mission of providing high-quality forklift products and intelligent logistics equipment to users all over the world, and leading the development of China's forklift industry/electric forklifts and intelligent logistics equipment. 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