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Common fault causes of electric pallet truck and maintenance methods

Common fault causes of electric pallet truck and maintenance methods


As a new type of electric warehouse handling equipment, all-electric pallet trucks have already occupied a large position in the broad sales market. As more and more companies use electric trucks in the sales market, they are increasingly concerned about the system failure of electric trucks in their applications. How to reasonably prevent or eliminate the risk of failure has also become a concern of enterprises.

According to this question, in the communication and discussion with the engineering and technical personnel of the enterprise, we specially collected and summarized the problems that often occur in the use of electric trucks and how to solve them.

All electric truck system faults and troubleshooting methods:

1. Causes jitter when greatly increased.

1. There is air in the cylinder during continuous lifting, which can be solved by repeated lifting.

2. Oil leakage of hydraulic system, maintenance and replacement of oil seals and hydraulic cylinders.

2. Automatically slide down when there is a load

1. If there is oil leakage in the oil pipeline or oil line joint, the seal can be removed and replaced.

2. The electromagnetic/manual reversing valve and one-way valve are stuck by waste or the sealing ring is worn, resulting in internal leakage. Solution: Clean the valve block and remove the seal.

3. The lifting speed is slow or unable to get up.

1. The oil in the fuel tank is low, and the hydraulic oil must be supplemented or completely replaced.

2. The working pressure of the relief valve is not enough, adjust it again.

3. The oil pump is excessively worn, causing air leakage in the oil cylinder, and the piston rod needs to be disassembled and replaced.

4. Solenoid, manual reversing valve, check valve, safety valve or seal need to be replaced.

5. The temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high for a long time, the hydraulic oil deteriorates, the viscosity decreases, causing leakage, and the hydraulic oil should be replaced.

4. Abnormal noise occurs when the driving wheel is driving.

1. Hard impurities may be mixed into the lubricating oil, update the lubricating oil

2. The bearing is excessively worn or damaged and needs to be replaced.

Fifth, the braking system is not sensitive

1. The control circuit may not be disconnected, and the control system needs to be checked.

2. The friction pads of the braking system are worn out, and the brake pads can be replaced.

6. Completely unable to move

1. Check if the electric door lock is open or broken.

2. Check whether the battery has electricity. If the battery is insufficient, replenish the battery immediately.

7. Unable to move forward or backward

1. The battery power is not enough, replenish the power.

2. The travel control microswitch is loose, and the screw is tightened.

3. The DC contactor is not sensitive and needs to be repaired and replaced.

4. The electric control board is damaged, replace the control board.

5. The drive motor system is faulty, check and repair.

6. The brakes are locked, you can use tools to adjust the distance between the brake pads of the driving wheel.

Eight, the battery application time is short, can not be charged

1. If the battery solution is insufficient, you can add distilled water or lead-acid water.

2. The battery is aging, replace it with a new one.

3. If the power plug is loose, trim the contact surface.

4. The battery is seriously broken or damaged, replace the battery.

Nine, the charger does not work

1. There is no display information on the charger, and the capacitor circuit breaker is blown

2. The charger power light is on, the internal fuse is open or resistive short circuit, and the rectifier tube is burned out.

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