Cleaning knowledge of forklift parts

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-12
While using the forklift, we should pay attention to regular maintenance and cleaning, so what parts need cleaning? Generally speaking, the parts that need to be cleaned include quick connectors, circular sealing rings, piston hydraulic cylinders, hose winders, special parts for attachments, etc. These parts of the forklift can be cleaned and maintained with reference to the general hydraulic parts. In particular, the lifting height, allowable load and the scope of application of the forklift should be strictly implemented according to the performance parameter table of the attachment. It will more or less increase the wear level of the forklift and shorten the service life of the forklift. In fact, before using the forklift, it is also necessary to carry out cleaning and inspection work to detect whether various parts and the whole machine have been accidentally damaged or destroyed.
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