Classification of transmissions in forklift chassis transmission systems

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-17
Classification of transmissions in forklift chassis transmission systems The transmission is one of the main components of the internal combustion forklift transmission system. One end is connected to the flywheel housing, and the other end is connected to the drive axle. In the operation of the forklift, the transmission and the engine work together to ensure that the vehicle has good power performance and economic performance. The transmission is composed of a variable speed transmission mechanism and a variable speed control mechanism. The main function of the variable speed transmission mechanism is to change the torque, speed and rotation direction; the main function of the operating mechanism is to control the transmission mechanism to achieve the transformation of the transmission ratio. 1. Classification of transmissions There are many types of transmissions, which can generally be divided into two categories: stepped transmissions and continuously variable transmissions. (1) The stepped transmission is a transmission with several fixed transmission ratios to choose from. According to the gear meshing form, the stepped transmission of the electric stacker can be divided into: sliding gear meshing type, meshing sleeve meshing type, and synchronizer meshing type; according to the manipulation form, it can be divided into: mechanical shifting transmission and power shifting transmission. (2) The continuously variable transmission can automatically and steplessly change the transmission ratio and torque according to changes in resistance within a certain range
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