Causes of discoloration of forklift hydraulic oil

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-21
Hydraulic oil is bright yellow and very transparent when observed in a clean mineral water bottle. Qualified hydraulic oil has no black hair and white, no air bubbles, no flocculent floating matter and sediment. So what are the reasons for the discoloration of the forklift hydraulic oil? 1. The new forklift will produce a lot of iron filings. Don't know if you emptied the hydraulic oil in the tank when you changed the oil, and wipe after using the new oil circulation system. Clean the tank with a cotton cloth before adding new oil. If no oil is present, there may be a lot of iron filings left in the tank, which will also cause the new oil to be contaminated and blackened. 2. The rotation of the pump may cause wear. Consider wear on parts that rotate with the pump, such as bearings and volume chambers. 3. Check whether the hydraulic system of the forklift is closed and whether the breathing hole is intact; check the exposed part of the hydraulic part of the equipment to see whether the seal is intact, such as the dust ring of the oil cylinder. Dust contamination can be ruled out if the particle size test of the oil meets the cleanliness requirements. It can be said that this is caused by the increase in the temperature of the hydraulic oil. At this time, the hydraulic oil should be replaced, the oil return filter element, the radiating oil circuit, and most importantly the hydraulic oil radiator should be checked, which should be maintained as required. 4. The black oil in the hydraulic system is not caused by dust, but by irregular grease filling.
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