Can the electric stacker choose the operation function?

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-22
The electric stacker is a large and medium-sized product that can benefit all of us. It has the original circuit system produced in the United States and more high-end technology, so that the electric stacker will not be caused by the controller not working or burning out. It spends a lot of travel expenses to repair it, which extends the life of the electric stacker and allows it to last longer. Please continue to look down, here are more about the operation function of choosing it, so that everyone can better buy an electric stacker, and make full preparations. The circuit system of a DC-type all-electric stacker is generally composed of a central controller, a main contactor, a reversing contactor, and a 150A fuse. Regardless of domestic and foreign stacker truck manufacturers, their circuit systems generally use the American CURTIS circuit system assembly, and some use the Italian Sa brand system. In terms of experience, the American CURTIS circuit assembly, electric stacker The stacker truck is more stable and easier to use, but the American CURTIS system also needs to be treated differently, not only because of its more models, different stacker truck circuit designs, corresponding to different models, but also the use of American original circuit masters. In this way, the overall performance of the stacker will be qualitatively different. Selection of electric stacker models and configurations: Choose electric stackers according to operating functions. The basic operation functions of electric stackers are divided into horizontal handling, stacking/pickup, loading/unloading, and picking. According to the operation function that the enterprise wants to achieve, it can be preliminarily determined from the company's product series. In addition, the special operation function of the balance weight electric stacker will affect the specific configuration of the stacker, such as paper rolls, molten iron, etc., which require the stacker to install attachments to complete the special functions. In order to reduce costs, with an attitude of experimentation, two-pallet electric stacker trucks were used to test various domestic brands of controllers and contactors to varying degrees, but the results were not satisfactory, mainly because the controller did not work. Or burnt out, poor contact of the contactor. When the high current is in contact, the contact part is pitted from the original smoothness. The post-analysis result is that although the appearance of the domestic part is almost the same as that of the American part, its appearance is almost the same. The core material is very different. Although the price is a grade, it is not worthwhile considering the reputation of the company and the satisfaction of customers. If there is a problem, you have to go for a warranty. The travel expenses of the stacker truck will cost a lot, and there is no guarantee after all, so so far, the original American CURTIS circuit system is the best choice for stacker truck production design. This is the operation function of the electric stacker. After a thorough understanding, if there are any questions you don't understand, you can read the full text. In order to help everyone understand correctly and quickly, here is the knowledge about electric stackers. I hope that everyone can buy their favorite electric stackers and know how to use them. The electric stacker is a convenient means of transportation for everyone, and makes everyone feel a faster and more time-saving product. Welcome everyone to see how the electric stacker works.
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