Can four 5-ton hydraulic forklifts bear 20 tons?

by:Jxforklift     2022-10-13
Tel: 15129982169 (Manager Zhang replied: No; Manual hydraulic forklifts are light-duty loading and unloading equipment, usually handling heavy objects of about 4 tons. If it exceeds 4.5 tons, it is recommended to use cranes. Some users will not buy manual forklifts. Explain what kind of heavy objects are used for forklifts, which caused many problems in use. A user purchased four 5-ton hydraulic forklifts and loaded and unloaded 20 tons of goods at the same time, and the volume was very large, about 16 meters in length and 50 cm in width , After using it once, all three ground cattle fork frames have problems of fracture and collapse, and another manual forklift ground cattle base triangle bracket has broken, which is really great damage. Why does this happen? One point: A 5-ton manual hydraulic truck usually has a load of less than 4.5 tons, and a normal load of 4 tons. Two points: 4 sets of 5-ton hydraulic forklifts cannot carry 20 tons of heavy objects. Even if there are 10 5-ton ground cattle, it cannot carry 16 tons. This is not the addition and subtraction of one plus one equals two. The weight of each manual forklift is the same. It cannot be said that the weight of two forklifts will increase several times. Unscientific. If the load exceeds 4.5 tons, it is recommended to use a crane. Donghong Lifting Tips: Please use the hydraulic truck correctly, and do not use it by chance. Baoding Donghong Lifting produces manual hydraulic forklifts, electric hydraulic forklifts, Hydraulic stacker, manual and electric stacker, single scissor lift platform, double scissor lift platform truck, hydraulic electric lift truck, permanent magnet suction cup, indoor and outdoor hoist, multi-function hoist, etc. .
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