Can electric trucks be charged at night?

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-31
Electric pallets, because they are electric, need to be charged. Anything that needs to be charged needs to be paid attention to, because there are many misunderstandings about charging, just like our mobile phone, is there still electricity, can’t it be charged? No, so how do you charge the electric pallet truck? When a company first bought an electric pallet truck for charging, many people did not know how to charge, and there would be some misunderstandings about charging. The following editor will show you some common misunderstandings about charging electric pallet trucks. 1. The pallet truck can be charged for a long time? The electric pallet truck charger is equipped with a smart charger. After the battery is full, the charger will automatically cut off the power, and there will be no problems such as explosion when electric charging for a long time. 2. Can it be charged at night? Use a dedicated brand of electric pallet truck charger to charge, and do not store flammable and explosive materials around, so that there will be no problems. 3. Steps to charge the electric pallet truck? 1. Stop to the charging area, turn off the red emergency stop switch and key switch, and open the battery box cover. 2. Open the battery vent cover, keep the heat dissipation unobstructed when charging, and check whether the electrolyte is normal (when the red buoy shows 1cm of the white part, it is normal, add distilled water in time when it is not enough) 3. Connect the connector of the battery link to the motor The connector is opened. 4. Connect the connector of the battery to the connector of the charger. 4. How many years can the battery of an electric pallet truck be used? Generally speaking, it can be used for two to three years. How long can it be fully charged? The battery of an electric pallet truck is a lead-acid battery. About 4-5 hours. You must pay attention to safety when charging electric pallet trucks. Although many batteries are now lithium batteries, there are still lead-acid batteries. Electric pallet trucks are the lead-acid batteries used! The electric pallet truck is suitable for heavy load and long-term cargo transfer, which can greatly improve the efficiency of cargo handling. Is the electric pallet truck with this advantage also what you need?
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