Briefly describe the eight parts of Heli electric forklift accessories

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-09
A brief description of the eight major parts of Heli electric forklift accessories can be described as innumerable, but from a macro perspective, it is divided into eight systems. 1. Body system: seats, etc. 2. Power system: filter element, starter, generator, glow plug, belt, water pump, radiator, etc.; 3. Tire/rim: solid tire, rim, PU wheel of electric forklift; 4. Steering system: steering control valve, Maintenance components, hub bearings, tubes, distance rings, pins, gaskets, joint bearings, repair kits, steering knuckles, etc.; 5. Brake system: brake shoes, hand brake cables, brake master cylinders, brake cylinders, etc.; 6 , Electrical system: lamps, bulbs, contactor repair kits, etc.; 7. Operating system: operating handles, universal joints, etc.; 8. Mast system: support rollers, chain rollers, joint bearings, chains, double hoses, oil cylinder repair Bags, forks, etc.;
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