Brief introduction of elevator operation method

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-21
The elevator operation method briefly introduces the elevator operation method. This is a problem that many people are more concerned about, because after all, not everyone can control this kind of machinery and equipment. Operators must receive relevant training and obtain a certificate before they can operate. Many people may be interested in the operation of this kind of machinery and equipment. In fact, it is not very difficult to operate this kind of machinery. The important thing is to develop a good habit of operating machinery and equipment, such as It is necessary to regularly overhaul and maintain the machine in accordance with the instruction manual, learn to judge abnormal conditions during operation, and grasp and know the measures to be taken when abnormal conditions occur. Here is a brief introduction to some common precautions and methods for operating this equipment. Usually, when operating a lift, you must learn simple inspection and maintenance methods. If there are some small problems, you must know how to deal with it. All All the operators must pass the exam before they can operate the machinery and equipment. Before operating the machine, you should check whether the various parts of the machine have been installed in place, and whether there are any abnormalities, such as checking whether the motor and transmission are abnormal. If there is an abnormal problem, you should Report it to the leader or to the maintenance department. There is a dedicated person to deal with this problem. It is forbidden to start the machine when the machine is found to be obviously abnormal. If an electrical fault occurs during the operation of the machine, such as an electrical out-of-control problem, the correct approach at this time is to press the emergency stop button immediately. The machine cannot be started until the fault is eliminated. The weight should be evenly distributed on the lifting platform. Materials should not be placed in a certain area to cause uneven power distribution. During the use of this equipment, overloading is strictly prohibited. If the climatic conditions at that time did not allow the equipment to operate, such as weather with strong winds or blizzards, or icy roads, the equipment should be stopped at this time instead of being forced to operate outdoors. Lift operators should also understand common troubleshooting methods. For example, if the machine and equipment do not move after the up or down button is pressed, check whether the switch is in good contact, check whether the capacitor is malfunctioning, and check whether the machine and equipment exist. Problems such as overload operation.
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