Brake fluid requirements for using off-road forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-19
The off-road forklift cab adopts a panoramic sunroof design, the driver has a better control and vision, which improves the speed of handling operations and ensures a clean and tidy operating environment. and construction vehicles for handling operations. Brake fluid is a very important part of using off-road forklifts, so what are the requirements for it when using it? (1) Low temperature function: If the fluidity of the brake fluid is poor at low temperature, it is easy to condense, which will block the pipeline, pump, etc., and the brake pedal will feel very hard when braking. It is generally required that the brake fluid does not condense at -40°C and flows freely. (2) Appropriate viscosity: if the viscosity is too large, the low temperature fluidity will be poor, and the braking performance will be reduced; if the viscosity is too small, reliable smoothness and easy leakage cannot be provided in the high temperature environment. In order to ensure that the brake cylinder and rubber cup can slide well, the brake fluid is required to have the appropriate viscosity. (3) The boiling point should be high: the off-road forklift travels and retreats frequently in each working cycle, and the brake pads are in the braking condition for a long time, which will increase the temperature of the braking system. Some brake system pipes will be filled with brake fluid vapor, resulting in gas resistance and brake failure. Therefore, it is required that the brake fluid should have a higher boiling point and lower evaporation to reduce the occurrence of air resistance. (4) Better corrosion resistance: In order to ensure that the long-term use of the brake fluid will not corrode the metal pipes and components, it is required to add a rust inhibitor to the brake fluid. (5) Chemical stability: The brake fluid is used at high temperature for a long time, and it is required that no thermal differentiation and superposition will occur to increase the viscosity of the oil, and it is not allowed to generate sludge deposits. (6) Small influence on rubber: There are many rubber seals in the braking system. In order not to reduce the mechanical strength and elasticity of rubber seals such as brake cups, it is required that the brake fluid has little influence on the expansion rate of rubber. Avoid long-term soaking of leather cups in brake fluid, which will change the strength, volume and quality. When using brake fluid for off-road forklifts, pour a small amount of brake fluid on the palm of the hand. The real brake fluid generally feels a little cold at first, and then feels a little hot after a while, and the brake fluid does not evaporate easily; if the brake fluid feels abnormal It is extremely cold and will slowly evaporate, it is likely to be fake brake fluid.
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