Because there is a lot of dilute sulfuric acid inside the battery, Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers do not recommend placing the battery horizontally

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-14
In the past, forklifts were fueled by diesel, which was not very effective when used and had a strong diesel smell. At the same time, the efficiency was low. With the development of technology, they have basically been improved to electric forklifts. Due to their good development momentum, There are also more and more electric forklift manufacturers in Jiangsu. The development of electronic control technology has improved the comfort of driving forklifts and the scope of application has also become broader. So what are the performances of the electric forklift? The electric forklift is a dual-purpose electric forklift with the functions of loading and unloading and short-distance transportation of goods. It has comfortable operation, high stability, simple operation, low noise, no pollution, low failure rate, and structure It is compact, flexible in transportation, easy to operate, and small in turning radius. It is widely used in warehousing, logistics, handling, and other places. It is more suitable for those venues with fire-proof and explosion-proof requirements (such as printing workshops, oil depots, docks, warehouses, etc.). If combined with pallets, cargo boxes, containers, etc., unitized transportation can be realized. Effectively reduce the collision, scratches and stacking area of u200bu200bparts, reduce handling workload and improve handling efficiency. The working principle of an electric forklift is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. This kind of battery is installed in the battery of an electric forklift. It should be noted that the battery is not recommended to be placed horizontally! Because the inside of the battery is generally 22-28% dilute sulfuric acid. When the battery is being placed, the electrolyte can flood the electrode plates and there is still a little space left. If the battery is placed horizontally, part of the electrode plates will be exposed to the air, which is very detrimental to the battery plate, and the observation hole of the general battery or There are vents on the top of the battery to communicate with the outside, so the battery's lateral discharge solution can easily flow out. Because of its simple and flexible operation and control, electric forklifts have a much lighter operation intensity than internal combustion forklifts. Its electric steering system, acceleration control system, hydraulic control system and brake system are all controlled by electric signals, which is very large. This reduces the labor intensity of the operator, which is very helpful to improve its work efficiency and work accuracy. Compared with internal combustion forklifts, the advantages of low noise and no exhaust emissions of electric vehicles have also been recognized by many users. Nowadays, when it comes to forklift trucks, people no longer feel that it is'cumbersome'. In order to meet the needs of various aspects, there are more and more models and types of forklifts, the appearance has become a lot more'lightweight', and the driving has become more Convenient, and the driving environment is also very comfortable. The development prospects of Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers are good. Now the volume of cargo transportation, loading and unloading is increasing, and the demand for auxiliary electric forklifts is also increasing.
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