Basic structure and function of electric forkliftu200b

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-03
The basic structure and function of electric forklift 1. The engine is the power source of internal combustion forklift. It converts the thermal energy generated by the fuel into mechanical energy, and outputs power through the flywheel of the engine. 2. Chassis The chassis is used to support the body, accept the power output by the engine, and ensure that the forklift can drive normally. It includes transmission devices, driving devices, steering devices and braking devices. 3. Body The body of the forklift is integrated with the frame, which is formed by welding section steel. The cast iron block placed at the rear of the forklift and suitable for the model is the counterweight, and its weight is determined by the rated lifting capacity of the forklift, which acts as a balance when the forklift is heavy. To maintain the stability of the forklift. 4. Lifting mechanism The lifting mechanism is mainly composed of a mast and a fork. The mast is hinged on the body of the front axle bracket and consists of a set of side-by-side steel frames and sliding brackets for fixing the forks. The forks are two steel forks bent at 90°, mounted on a sliding bracket, and are tools for carrying materials. The specification of the fork is designed according to the maximum load of the forklift. The forks can be tilted forwards and backwards by means of hydraulic cylinders. 5. The hydraulic system mainly includes: (1) Lifting hydraulic cylinder, the top of the plunger is fastened to the lifting mast to control the lifting or lowering of the fork. (2) Tilting hydraulic cylinder, the top of the plunger is hinged with the mast to control the forward or backward tilt of the mast. (3) The hydraulic pump can be a vane pump or a gear pump. The hydraulic pump outputs high-pressure oil (6.37~15.7MPa) to drive the lifting hydraulic cylinder and the tilt hydraulic cylinder. (4) The hydraulic distribution valve is composed of a valve body, a lifting hydraulic cylinder spool, a tilting hydraulic cylinder spool and a safety valve. Its function is to control the movement of the lifting or tilting hydraulic cylinder valve core through the joystick according to the work requirements of fork lifting and tilting, and input high-pressure oil into the lifting or tilting hydraulic cylinder. The function of the safety valve is to make the oil flow from the oil return pipe to the oil tank when the oil pressure in the system exceeds a certain value. (5) The throttle valve is installed in the pipeline of the lifting hydraulic cylinder. Its function is to increase the flow resistance of the oil. When the lifting hydraulic cylinder is depressurized, it can ensure that the forks are slowly lowered. 6. Electrical equipment Electrical equipment consists of power supply, engine starting system and ignition system, as well as forklift lighting, signals and other electrical equipment.
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