Aspects that forklift drivers should pay attention to

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-13
In addition to being familiar with the performance structure of the forklift and forklift, the forklift driver should also master the basic knowledge of loading and unloading operations, especially the following inspections should be done before the loading and unloading work is carried out. Check the fuel storage capacity; check the leakage of oil pipes, water pipes, exhaust pipes and accessories; check whether the capacity of the working oil tank reaches the specified capacity; check the tightening degree of the wheel bolts and whether the tire pressure reaches the specified value; check the steering And the flexibility and reliability of the braking system; check whether the electrical circuit is grounded, whether the joints are loose, and whether the horn, turn signal, brake light and each instrument work normally. These seemingly simple inspections can often play a pivotal role. Whether it is for various parts of the forklift or small details such as oil pipes, they are all blamed by the forklift driver.
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