Are electric forklifts special equipment?

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-15
Are electric forklifts special equipment? Many users are ambiguous about this question. In fact, forklifts are special equipment and need to be certified to work, while battery trucks are only used in enterprises, and internal training is sufficient, so they are not special equipment. What is special equipment? Special equipment refers to: boilers, pressure vessels (including gas cylinders, the same below), pressure pipes, elevators, hoisting machinery, passenger ropeways, and large-scale amusement facilities that involve life safety and are more dangerous. Among them, hoisting machinery, passenger ropeway, and large-scale amusement facilities are special mechanical and electrical equipment. Electric forklifts belong to hoisting machinery and are used for vertical lifting or vertical lifting, and electromechanical equipment that moves heavy objects horizontally. Cranes greater than or equal to 2m and electric hoists with fixed load-bearing form, etc. Electric stacker is a special equipment, which belongs to the category of forklift. The production of electric stacker requires the enterprise to have a special equipment manufacturing license, and the operator needs to hold the operation certificate issued by the Quality Supervision Bureau. In short, electric forklifts belong to special mechanical and electrical equipment, and users need to hold certificates when using them.
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