Application of forklift in carton packaging

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-25
At present, in the household appliance industry, the packaging methods of household appliances are all carton packaging. The vast majority of traditional transportation methods are manual handling. Today we will take a look at the application of forklifts in carton packaging and transportation. With the continuous development of the market economy and the continuous change of people's values, the increase in labor costs for manual handling and the difficulty of labor are common problems in the industry at present, and the efficiency of manual handling is increasingly unable to keep up with the pace of development. At present, the common problems of related industries: the high labor cost of porters and the difficulty of hiring labor; the cost of batches of pallets; the long packing time, the long queue of vehicles waiting for shipment; the loss of packaging and items during the handling process. Therefore, the emergence of mechanized handling equipment (holding cars) is undoubtedly a blessing for manufacturers and operators. According to the needs of many users, the forklift manufacturer professionally developed and produced the carton clamp. The carton clamp can be installed on the ordinary internal counterbalanced forklift or the battery counterbalanced forklift. In addition to the lifting and forward tilting functions of the forklift itself, the functions of clamping, opening and optional side shifting are also added. Not only can palletless handling and stacking be realized, but it is more convenient, fast, efficient and safe than traditional manual handling during loading and unloading.
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