Analyze which parts of the forklift are most prone to wear and tear?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-15
Compared with internal combustion vehicles, electric forklifts save the expense of fuel consumption, especially when international oil prices remain high. After actual calculations, many companies still find that electric forklifts and electric forklifts are more expensive during use. Internal combustion forklifts are more cost-effective. Of course, Wuhan forklifts, as a tool frequently used by enterprises, need to be maintained. A large part of the maintenance is the maintenance of the vulnerable parts of the forklift, because the general forklift companies do not guarantee the vulnerable parts. Yes, so we should also understand which specific parts are included in this wearing part: Because electric forklifts are driven by electricity, the commonly used wearing parts are: 1. The outer ring of the driving wheel is made of high-strength polyurethane, depending on the usage rate of the customer. . The wear time is different. Most factories have been in use for about two years. It is very convenient to replace and replace. You only need to lift the all-electric stacker and remove the screws on the outer ring of the drive wheel to remove and replace. 2. Balance wheel, load wheel price is about 300 yuan/set, made of high-strength polyurethane, depending on work intensity and utilization rate, the replacement time is not necessarily The ones that are replaced less than one year old are often customers with higher usage intensity. The replacement of these two wheels is also very simple. 3. Lead-acid battery At present, many types of forklift products of industrial forklifts use traction and maintenance-free batteries. The power is durable and can be charged and discharged for 1,000 cycles. It can be used continuously for about 5 hours on a single charge. The service life of the battery is related to The customer’s normal maintenance is very much related, such as the time of the first charge, whether it is charged in time after use, lead-acid batteries cannot be overcharged, let alone undercharged, after the electric energy is used up, the battery is not easy to be vulcanized if it is recharged immediately , The service life will be longer. Generally, it needs to be replaced in one to two years. Our longest customer has used it for more than two years, and it can still be used normally because of the high international price of lead. Therefore, the price of batteries is relatively high. 4. Hydraulic oil It is recommended that customers change the hydraulic oil once after the forklift has been used for one year. Replace with new hydraulic oil. The main purpose is to ensure the performance of the pump station and the oil cylinder without blockage.
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