Analyze common problems and maintenance skills of electric forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-15
1. The main reasons for chattering during lifting are: air in the lifting cylinder, oil leakage in the hydraulic system, excessive wear of the inner mast\fork frame rollers and bearings, and uneven tightness of the two lifting chains. 2. The main reasons for sliding freely and too fast under load are: oil leakage in pipelines and joints. B valve hole, spool valve rod or seal ring of the multi-way valve is worn, resulting in internal leakage, and the lifting cylinder piston support ring/Y-shaped seal ring is worn. , Resulting in internal leakage 3. The main reasons for the lifting speed is too slow or unable to lift are: lack of oil in the fuel tank, blockage of the oil filter, high temperature of the hydraulic oil, too thin hydraulic oil, oil leakage in the hydraulic pipeline, and improper pressure adjustment of the multi-way valve 4. The main reasons for brake failure are: the brake circuit is broken, the friction lining in the traction electrode control actuator is excessively worn, the brake is loose or the brake lining gap is too large. 5. The main reasons for the failure of the electrical appliances are the sudden failure to move forward or backward, without any reflection of the lift, the forklift walks with one rush, the forward speed cannot be adjusted, etc. Electric forklift maintenance: 1. Different fuel-operated forklifts, electric forklifts in the process of operation The wear experienced is minimal. This is due to the fact that an electric engine has fewer working parts and requires regular lubrication to prevent wear. This means that you will encounter a lower risk of electric forklift repairs, because the machine breaks when you need it most. It is, however, that maintenance and maintenance must still be followed to reduce the need for electric forklift repairs, further instructions.  2. Just like the engine and other parts of a car, you need to ensure that the electric forklift receives a regular maintenance and repair inspection. When you buy an electric forklift, you will be given a timetable for how long these inspections should be run, and you will receive a guide for maintenance instructions. Please remember to use an experienced and reputable machine to take care of your maintenance and electric fork precautions. In addition, during the charging and discharging process of electric forklift batteries, the water in the electrolyte will gradually decrease due to electrolysis and evaporation, resulting in The electrolyte level drops. If it is not refilled in time, the service life of the battery may be shortened, so distilled water should be refilled in time. Do not use pure drinking water instead, because pure water contains a variety of trace elements, which will cause adverse effects on the battery.
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