Analysis of the problem of forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-06
When we use the forklift, we sometimes encounter the phenomenon of abnormal startup. Today, the forklift manufacturer mainly introduces the common problems about it. The first is that when the drive gear of the forklift truck has not meshed into the ring gear, the main circuit of the starter has been connected, and the sound of beating teeth is issued. When the driving gear of the forklift and the teeth of the flywheel ring are in contact, the main circuit of the starter has been connected, and a beating sound is heard. After the starter switch is turned on, the starter casing vibrates. This is caused by the loosening of the fixing bolts and should be stopped. Fasten. While the diesel forklift is driving, the sound of tooth beating is caused by the collision of the drive gear with the flywheel. In fact, this is mainly because the distance between the end face of the drive gear and the edge of the end cover does not meet the requirements, and the positioning screws on the end cover should be adjusted.
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