Analysis and Selection of Electric Stacker

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-20
Analysis and selection of electric stacker. An electric stacker is a battery-dimensional power source for handling and stacking equipment. Its main components include: electric control, wiring harness, oil cylinder, chain, motor, battery, hydraulic pump, steel structure, wheels and other equipment. Because of its special characteristics, it is generally placed in warehouses, workshops and other places that require logistics transfer. If the cooperative pallet is used better, it can greatly improve the efficiency of storage. As a classification of forklifts, the electric stacker is an indispensable one. Its basic function is to move or lift goods to a certain height. The electric stacker truck .jpg is used when selecting this type of equipment. It can be selected according to the following points: A. According to the operating environment The operating environment of the electric stacker truck includes: environmental conditions and operation when the forklift is started When the environment appears. From the perspective of the entire operation process, it is necessary to pay special attention to environmental safety issues. B. According to the use requirements, the operation requirements of the electric stacker are: pallet or cargo standard, heightened height, working channel width, gradeability and other general requirements. C According to the required functions, the operation functions of the electric stacker truck include: horizontal transfer, stacking/picking, loading/unloading, and picking. It should be noted that special operating functions will affect the practical equipment of the stacker. Therefore, this will require the stacker to be equipped with relevant attachments to complete these special operating functions.
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