Advantages of tipping forks in handling operations

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-29
Tipping fork is also a type of forklift. It adopts an all-steel structure overall frame with high strength, which can meet the needs of users for high-strength operations. The hydraulic safety lock is installed on the oil circuit of the attachment to ensure the safety and reliability of various operations of the tipping fork, and minimize the danger caused by the failure of the hydraulic components or the oil circuit to the operation of the tipping fork. At the same time, the tipping fork adopts a high-strength brass alloy bushing inlaid with solid lubricant, which is twice as hard as the general copper bushing, which can safely and efficiently dump the bulk goods in the container forward, and can shovel various loose goods. In addition, whether it is a sudden strong impact during the operation of the attachment or an impact caused by bumps in the road during transportation, the hydraulic safety lock can eliminate the hydraulic impact generated by it, and ensure that the cylinder barrel will not be affected by excessive hydraulic pressure. Deformed by impact.
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