Advantages of Forklift Brick Clamps

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-22
The brick clamp is also one of the products of forklift manufacturers. It has a high degree of complete mechanization, the hydraulic system is stable and reliable, and the clamping performance is precise and powerful. It can meet various operating environments, roads, sites and the transfer, stacking, loading and unloading of bricks of various specifications, sizes and weights. The forklift brick clamp has the best matching high-reliability hydraulic components, high-strength gantry structure, extended wheelbase, super-large counterweight, and small turning radius as the structural basis, so that when the forklift operates in a limited space, The steering is flexible and the operation is easy and simple, which makes the forklift travel, lifting and loading operations more stable, safe and reliable. It emphasizes the design concept of multi-function, easy maintenance and low cost. According to the needs of working conditions, it can be equipped with side shift and heightened gantry, and can be used for multiple purposes in one car. Pay attention to humanized design, scientific and technological innovation, reasonable technical support and selection, stable and reliable hydraulic system, convenient operation, and effectively break through the technical defects of ordinary brick-holding forklift trucks with high failure rate, high failure rate, and ensure the comprehensive performance of the holding and clipping. reliable and stable.
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