Advantages of electric forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-14
Forklifts are one of the commonly used handling vehicles, and can be divided into different product types according to different needs. Today, forklift manufacturers will introduce the advantages of electric forklifts to us. Electric forklifts are mainly powered by motors and batteries as energy sources. They are divided into two types: full-electric pallet stackers and semi-electric pallet stackers. They are used for loading and unloading, stacking, short-distance transportation, and heavy object handling of palletized goods. Various wheeled vehicles for operation. Electric attachments have no pollution and low noise, so they are widely used in indoor operation and other working conditions with high environmental requirements, such as medicine, food and other industries. Since each set of batteries generally needs to be charged after about 8 hours of work, spare batteries are required for multi-shift working conditions. As people's awareness of environmental protection gradually increases, electric forklifts are gradually replacing internal combustion forklifts, which are essential equipment in pallet transportation and container transportation.
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