Advantages of electric forklifts compared to manual labor

by:Jxforklift     2022-09-30
The discovery of electric forklifts is because they can control costs for the company and improve the work efficiency of employees. However, most companies cannot fully grasp the advantages of electric forklifts. Too much use of human resources is not worth the loss. Therefore, in order to better enable a large number of companies to master electric forklifts faster, I have summarized several aspects: 1. High efficiency and high efficiency not only mean high-speed operation (travel. Increase. Reduce speed), it also represents the operator It takes less time to run a work cycle system and can maintain this high efficiency during all working hours. 2. Low cost When the company purchases and applies electric forklifts, the annual cost includes: ① product cost; ② maintenance cost; ③ energy consumption cost; ④ labor cost. 3. The safety design scheme of the electric forklift with a high safety factor should be able to ensure the safety of the driver, the goods and the electric forklift itself in an all-round way. High-quality electric forklifts usually fully consider every key point and every probability at the level of safety design schemes. 4. Humanized design Ergonomics is a scientific research widely used in designing products, especially improving actual operating conditions. The purpose is to maximize productivity by reducing driver fatigue and improving user comfort. 5. Convenience of maintenance It is necessary to consider whether the electric forklift is convenient to maintain. All parts should be easy to disassemble and replace, and the diagnosis and removal of common faults should be fast. The automatic control systems of high-quality electric forklifts have already been modularized and can be connected to a laptop immediately, using diagnostic procedures to find common faults faster or change basic parameters (such as travel speed).
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