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          In order to ensure fast delivery and warehousing and wholesale needs, Jiangsu Jingxin Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. has a warehouse area of nearly 2,000 square meters at the headquarters, with a complete variety of stocks and a value of nearly 9 million yuan.

         The main hot-selling products are:

①stacker, also They are called stackers and lift trucks, which are divided into three types: manual hydraulic stackers, semi-electric stackers, and full electric stackers;

②pallet trucks are divided into manual hydraulic pallet trucks and fully electric pallet trucks;

③hydraulic Platform trucks, also called platform trucks, are divided into manual hydraulic platform trucks and electric hydraulic platform trucks;

④Forklifts are divided into internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, and reach-type forklifts.

⑤Oil drum trucks; oil drum raising trucks are divided into Manually tilting oil drum truck and electric tilting oil drum truck;

⑥The boarding bridge is divided into two types: fixed hydraulic boarding bridge and mobile hydraulic boarding bridge;

⑦Elevator, also called lifting platform or unloading platform, It is divided into fixed hydraulic lifts, mobile hydraulic lifts and rail hydraulic lifts, etc.;

⑧Electronic scale manual pallet truck; electric reclaimer truck; hand push flat truck; industrial casters; logistics machinery and storage equipment.

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Jiangsu Jingxin lifting equipment Co., Ltd

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