200KG hydraulic stacker can be called luggage truck

by:Jxforklift     2022-10-14
Some users use a 200KG hydraulic stacker as a luggage truck. The 200kg hydraulic stacker is divided into many styles: folding, ordinary fork, ordinary plus board, and folding plus board. The user asked, if you want to carry luggage Which one is better to use? The editor thinks that using the foldable and added plate model, this small hydraulic stacker can be folded without taking up space and can be opened at any time. According to the editor, a full suitcase is about 20- About 30 catties, it is just right to use a 200 kg manual hydraulic stacker, and this folding stacker has a lighter weight and is more convenient to move or carry by hand. Baoding Donghong Lifting produces manual hydraulic forklifts, electric hydraulic forklifts, hydraulic stackers, manual and electric stackers, single scissor lift platform, double scissor lift platform truck, hydraulic electric lift truck, permanent magnet suction cup, indoor and outdoor Hoisting machines, multi-function hoists, etc. for lifting and hoisting equipment.
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